Get your property under control. Make it report to you what is going on there.

Equip your apartment with sensors, which inform you about what happens in your property.

Did you know that various places in your flat can tell you a lot of information when you place Senzoor devices there? Have a look at some situations below and think if it could work for you, by solving problems that occurred. Pick a sensor or contact us for a complex solution.



Are you concerned about the damage caused by a break in your property or its parts? Let the intrusion detector prevent more loss.

2Short term rentals

Have you experienced more people overnight than registered lodgers in your flat? Prevent lost profits by knowing the number of people occupying your flat.


Are there valuable things in your apartment and you have no tool to protect them? We do.


Would you like to know when the cleaning staff comes and goes? So you have an overview of hours spent and can take ongoing action? We can help you.


Do you struggle with lost profits when a breakdown occurs? The insurance covers reconstruction, not the time when you cannot welcome guests. Prevent these situations.


Running refurbishment in your property? Would you like to have the activity of people and related material under control? Want to be sure there is no water leakage whilst reconstruction? We can secure these situations.

7People motion

Would you appreciate knowing that the guest picked keys up and arrived safely in the flat? Connect movements in your flat with ongoing processes, such as refurbishment, welcome process, etc.

8Damage to property

Stopping water leakage at the earliest possible moment is the best way how to prevent flooding neighbours and recompensation.

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